english #1 head start H8

Visual Text

Learning Intention: To be able to analyse visual images to determine their meanings.


1. It is cold, not near roads or a town, in the outback.


2. Sadness, Tiredness, Hunger, Boredom,


3. Sadness, Tiredness, Hunger, Boredom,


4. They are different because they are walking on a train track in the middle of nowhere.

my report for t2



the link above is my report I was very impressed with it and I was happy that I got an A in maths.

the teacher comments were mostly encaging and informative and realistic. I was also happy to see that I got a [yes] on all my projects after fixing the [no] I got in health by handing in the work.

I am happy to see that the only dote that was lower than the others was in food which in my opine doesn’t really matter. the dote that were above my level were maths’ A in number and algebra and B’s in the others I got a B in information and communications technology and a B in thinking processes which in my book is pretty good for a report.

so to sum up the whole report I am glade to have done such a good job 🙂 🙂 🙂


a neutral stance is when u have a neutral stand with arms done flat face and up strat

the body is inportant to actors because they are showing the adinanc not telling

i like today actiaty becaus it was fun and great to show the world



on the on the 26th of the 3rd i got my report in manly consited of H=highs and M=mediuns it was still a very good report i got highs on the non humanitys subgects but the others i got M’s i am very prould and so is my dad im happy that i got though 1 term with no set back 1 down 3 to go.